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By: pbinspections | July 21, 2016

Has your residential pool undergone inspection for safety regulations? Does it have a valid Pool Safety Certificate? Are you buying, selling or renting a property and worried for annual pool safety inspections in Sydney? It’s mandatory for you to follow the pool safety laws of Queensland that were introduced back in 2009 but now applies to all swimming pools—existing as well as new. These laws are part of the government’s effort to decrease the incidents of drowning and dangerous immersion injuries caused to young kids swimming in the pool. There are many licensed and certified companies to help the pool owners with pool safety inspections in Sydney and make them avoid penalty for non-compliance. Each Australian state has different criteria for registering the swimming pool, which must be maintained to Australian standards and mainly when pool fence inspections are needed.

Proper safety measures should always be there to keep your kids safe around the pool. It includes maintenance of pool safety barriers and fences so that your kids can be saved from drowning or suffering from any grievous immersion injury at the time of swimming. As a pool owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your pool safety barriers are properly maintained and damaged barriers or fences are quickly fixed.

If your existing or would-be property has a pool then you can’t ignore its compliance with the pool safety inspections in Sydney. The pool along with its components and surroundings need to be thoroughly inspected in order to obtain a certificate of compliance which will be valid for three years time from the date of issue. Otherwise you are likely to incur a huge penalty for nonconformity with the pool safety inspection in Sydney requirements or even made to pay On-the-spot fines for it.

Pool Safety Inspections Sydney

Disciplinary action may be taken against you by local councils and in response to a concern or complaint of a neighbour, or during a scheduled inspection of the pool by the local council.

For many pool owners like you, it is not possible to understand and implement all the obligations required for compliance of pool fence as well barriers. You just need professional advice from a licensed and experienced Pool Safety Inspector to keep away from any tragedy occurring in your pool. He can promptly assess and come up with innovative ideas and suggestions to make your pool fully compliant to pool safety rules.

Pool Barrier Safety Inspections

To make your pool qualify the safety compliance inspection, the pool safety inspection company in Sydney will work on almost every aspect of inspection before preparing a detailed report featuring the non-compliant products, photographs and suggestions on how to resolve including practical options wherever possible.

Since the danger of drowning looms large over the Sydney pools that are not made compliant with the latest pool safety legislation, you need to ask an experienced professional in the local area which you can trust for pool safety inspections in Sydney that will be handled in quick turnaround and at affordable price.

Swimming Pool for Childrens

No matter whether you need an on-going consultation or a brief explanation over the non-compliance issues of your pool so that the repairs can be done immediately, consider booking your pool safety inspections in Sydney with Premium Building Inspections. It will carry out the inspection in the fastest possible time and without any hidden cost, delivering your pool safety report the same night.

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