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By: pbinspections | June 22, 2016

A swimming pool is considered to be one of the most valuable assets in a home and it can be a perfect place where your family and friends can have some of the best times of their lives. Owning a home with swimming pools is so much fun for homeowners in Sydney. But, it’s quite hard to comprehend that drowning is one of the leading causes of death in Sydney for children aged one to five years old. That’s why pool fences need to be inspected on a regular basis and maintained to make sure they are and will remain child resistant. No matter what, good quality and well-maintained swimming pool fences can save lives. But it can be a major headache for pool owners in Sydney that just don’t go away easily!

As per a current research, it shows that inappropriate pool barriers and lack of supervision are the most common reason to drowning in pools. Usually, it happens due to people leaving the gate open or the pool barriers not being maintained properly. Hence, it’s highly suggested to have a pool; which is responsible for ensuring that its barriers are safe.

Swimming Pool for Childrens

Tips To Ensure Safety Of Your Pool in Sydney

1. Always keep an eye on your children around pools. A pool barrier can’t be a perfect substitution for responsible supervision.

2. Maintain the fences, gates, doors and window locks so that they will be in proper condition. Check out the pool barrier on a daily basis.

3. Try to keep your door and gate self-closing mechanism in good working condition.

4. Always close the doors and gates when not used. Never leave them opened.

5. Don’t leave climbable objects around the pool and the pool barrier.

6. Trim trees, shrubs and creepers regularly, if present near to the pool barrier.

7. Teach your children to swim in the pools from the early age.

8. Get your swimming pools inspected from professional Sydney pool certifiers.

By following those tips you can keep your pool and also your family safe for sure. But, it’s suggested to get the inspection of your pool done by pool certifiers Sydney for complete peace of mind and satisfaction.

Beautiful Swimming Pool Inside the House

How Do You Get a Professional Pool Inspection in Sydney?

It’s wise to engage a professional pool inspection company like Premium Building Inspections in Sydney to conduct a thorough inspection. Our qualified staffs will inspect your pool, the pool surrounds, fencing, gates and more things to make sure that your pool meets the guidelines in the Australian standards. Rest assured that, we are fully insured and accredited. We will inspect your pool details and will provide you with detailed, easy to read pool safety inspection report. If your pool passes the inspection, we will offer you a report and certificate stating that your pool is safe and secure to use.

Hence, it’s highly suggested to hire pool certifiers in Sydney of Premium Building Inspections to ensure the safety of your pool. For more information about our services, feel free to browse us today or contact us online!

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