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By: pbinspections | May 24, 2016

A pool is an attractive feature that enhances a home or property’s value in Sydney. When having pool in your Sydney home, it becomes vital to ensure its’ safety and longevity that will help in saving your money in the near future. With a certified pool, you will be assured of minimizing any kind of potential injury risk due to malfunctioning equipment as well as stay away from unsafe conditions.

There are certain things that you will need to check for making your pool safe:

  • Your pool should have a barrier or fence completely surrounding it
  • The fence or barrier around your pool should adhere to set guidelines
  • Access to the pool area should include windows and door or gates that complies with regulations

Ensure a Top Quality Inspection:

Visual Inspection:

With pool inspections, you will be able to identify potential hazards and repairs. The pool certifiers Sydney or inspectors will overview basics of the pool by analyzing different parameters like size, depth, age and materials. All pool safety features like handrails, ladders, slide and diving board will be inspected to make sure they are properly installed and in good working condition.

Surface Level Inspection:

Surface level inspection will test the chemical levels of water present in pool. Chemical test checks for pools are done to maintain safe levels for calcium, pH, chlorine and alkalinity. These all elements of a pool required to be in the safe zone, which will make the water ready for swimmers.

Equipment and System Inspection:

The pool in your Sydney home comprises of various equipments like motors, pumps, filters and heating equipment, which needs to be inspected for enjoying great performance. The pool certifier will give you a good gauge of the safety and efficiency of the pool equipments. A pool certifier will be able to verify your pool and make sure it stays up-to-date as per the current safety rules and regulations in Australia. Whether there are any types of crack as well as checking out for compliance with latest rules and regulations are most important steps that will be performed by a pool certifier.

Many companies in Sydney offer swimming pool inspection for registration or certification, but you always need select a reliable one. In this case getting comprehensive pool fence inspections by PBI (Premium Building Inspections) will prove to be the most effective one. As per the safety rules and regulations, pool certifiers in Sydney at PBI will judge and inspect your pool and then will issue compliance certificate.

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