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By: pbinspections | May 24, 2016

A pool is an attractive feature that enhances a home or property’s value in Sydney. When having pool in your Sydney home, it becomes vital to ensure its’ safety and longevity that will help in saving your money in the near future. With a certified pool, you will be assured of minimizing any kind of potential injury risk due to malfunctioning equipment as well as stay away from unsafe conditions.

There are certain things that you will need to check for making your pool safe:

  • Your pool should have a barrier or fence completely surrounding it
  • The fence or barrier around your pool should adhere to set guidelines
  • Access to the pool area should include windows and door or gates that complies with regulations

Ensure a Top Quality Inspection:

Visual Insp...

By: pbinspections | March 31, 2016

Maintenance & renovations are pretty expensive tasks. Though these are annoying obligations, house owners should embrace them if they wish to make sure that their home is safe and hygienic. With appropriate house maintenance, the home can still offer residents all the aspects that require to reside peacefully and safely.

Therefore, there is a need to assess the condition and issues that may active in your property. When it comes to building and pest inspections, these are the most common areas to check out:

Walls & ceiling surfaces:

Walls not just boost the base of your home, but also safeguard you from unsteady weather and burglars. Ceiling at the same time assist control the heat of your house. It’s essential to check out them on ...

By: pbinspections | March 14, 2016

Importance Of Pool Fence Inspections In Sydney.

Every homeowner in Sydney looks forward to new developments in their house; but, not all inhabitants are aware of the complications that might occur suddenly. Especially, when it comes to swimming pools, pool accidents, mishaps and even drowning may happen anytime. Most often, they are unavoidable; and so, the faulty or insufficient safety equipment is often to blame. When buying a new home in Sydney with a swimming pool, you should focus more on the pool fences like safety features to be examined beforehand.

Why You Should Choose Pool Fence Inspections?

Don’t Try It On Your Own

There are huge numbers of drowning and pool accidents happening in Sydney, especially a lot of children are facing t...